Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta 5Kg

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AASHIRVAAD Select Sharbati Atta combines the wholesome goodness of Sharbati Wheat from the Sehore region of MP with the purity and trust of the AASHIRVAAD brand. Each grain of Wheat is ethically sourced directly from the farmers who are the backbone of our country.

When you bring a pack of AASHIRVAAD Superior MP Atta home, you also bring the promise of nourishment and good health along. To this day, Sharbati Atta or whole wheat flour from the Sharbati wheat grain is one of India’s most sought after types of flour. With AASHIRVAAD Superior MP Atta, you can always be sure of the best quality Wheat Atta for your loved ones.

The grains are sorted with great care using a 3-step cleaning process, after which they are ground into flour. Nothing can match the delight of feasting on piping hot rotis that melt in your mouth. The irresistible fragrance of whole Wheat flour being roasted on the flames is just one of the few things that make a house, a home.

Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta Description :

The Sharbati wheat grain is considered to be one of India’s most valuable food resources due to its high quality and perfect texture. AASHIRVAAD Select Atta is only made from the most carefully selected Sharbati wheat grains. These wheat grains are sourced directly from the farmers of Madhya Pradesh to make sure that only the highest quality whole wheat flour is produced.

The softest rotis in India are hand-made with love, hard work, and the exceptional quality of AASHIRVAAD Select Atta. These rotis stay softer for a long time, retaining their moisture for longer due to the higher water absorption rate of the Atta.

Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta features :

  • Main Ingredients: 100% Sharbati Wheat from Madhya Pradesh, 0% Maida. AASHIRVAAD Select Atta 5kg and all other packs are prepared using only the highest quality Sharbati wheat grains from MP.
  • Suitable For: The 5kg Aashirvaad Select Sharbati Atta pack is an ideal choice for all individuals and families that wish to enjoy rotis that stay softer, and fluffy for a longer period.
  • Usage: The AASHIRVAAD Select Atta is best used for the perfect round and fluffy whole wheat rotis. It can also be used to prepare parathas, bread, and many other Indian flatbread delicacies like naans, puris, litti chokha, dal bati churma, and many other baked goodies.
  • Quantity: An average family of three can consume up to 10-12 rotis each day. Therefore, one pack of AASHIRVAAD Select 5kg Atta can last for at least one week, or seven days.
  • Fluffiest roties.
  • Soft and tasty roties.
  • Soft and tasty roties.
  • Country of Origin – India.
  • Source.

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    Very fast delivery.

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    Good quality.

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    Very well worth the money.

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    Cheapest in the market

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.