Ananda Rich Paneer 200gm

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Ananda Rich Paneer contains combination of low moisture and high fat. It is soft, tender and delicious and enriched with proteins. Ananda Rich Paneer is the largest selling packed Paneer. It is a trusted Paneer, untouched by hand, and specially made for Indian recipes like Matar paneer, palak paneer, and tandoori paneer tikka.

Benefits of Paneer – Ananda Rich Paneer:

  • Reduces The Risk of Breast Cancer – Cancer is prevalent, and Breast Cancer is increasing at an alarming rate among women (especially unmarried and pre-menopausal women). It contains Calcium & Vitamin D, both of which are responsible for abating the possibility of Breast Cancer.
  • Makes Teeth & Bones Strong – It is rich in calcium content, and calcium is known to strengthen both the teeth and bones. Apart from this, the intake of calcium also helps in the smooth functioning of the nervous system and the heart muscles stay healthy.
  • Aids in Weight Loss – Good news for all those fitness freaks! It helps you lose weight as it contains protein that keeps you full for a long time and hence, you don’t end up eating a lot in general. Besides, it also contains a fatty acid that helps in burning quite a lot of fat.
  • Ensures a Healthy Digestive System – It contains both phosphorus and magnesium. Phosphorus helps in smooth digestion as well as excretion. And magnesium, as a result of having a laxative effect, prevents constipation.
  • Great for Those Having Diabetes – Diabetics! Less of/no sweets? But no worries. Because there’s paneer for you! The magnesium in it helps in regulating & maintaining the blood sugar levels, and also improves heart health and strengthens the immune system. Also, the protein present in it prevents abrupt ups and downs in the blood sugar levels.
  • Source for Paneer Health Benefits.

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