Ananda Sada Petha 200gm

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Ananda sada petha is sweet, tempting, translucent, soft and chewy. Ananda sada petha is made with 100% winter melon also known as ash guard. Treat your family and friends loved ones this delicious Sada petha and observe their budding smile and beaming eyes. How amazing is that.

Petha from Agra is famous across the world and you can buy Agra petha online at the best prices. There are plenty of different varieties of Agra’s Petha with lots of flavors such as mango, mint, orange and much more. The ash gourd (Benincasa hispidia) is called petha in Urdu and is known in English as White Gourd and Wax Gourd.

Benefits of Pethas – Ananda Sada Petha:

  • Brain Disease & Asthma – Petha is like nectar for a mental illness or a weakness of memory. A patient must eat 10–20 gram fruit pulp and also drink Petha juice. If anyone suffering from asthma, then he or she should eat Petha regularly as it is very beneficial for lungs.
  • Irritation & Nose Bleeding – You can apply pulp of Petha and leaves on your stomach if you feel burning sensation in the body. Besides, one can prepare thandai from its seeds as well. To get rid of nose bleeding, one should drink Petha juice or eat its pulp. Also, you can apply its seed oil on your head.
  • Constipation And Piles – Petha removes intestinal problems as it contains a filament. So, it is very beneficial for pile patient and stops to get blood from piles.
  • Appetite – People who get swelling in the intestine as well as do not get appetite must drink two cups of Petha juice in the morning. As a result, your appetite will increase plus you get rid of intestine inflammation too.
  • Urination Disorder – The pulp of Petha with its seeds are extremely beneficial in urinary disorders. You must use Petha and its seeds if you get intermittent urinary problem or stone. Apart from this, Petha intake is also useful in increase semen disease.
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4 reviews for Ananda Sada Petha 200gm

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