Dry Fruit Hub Natural Jaggery Cubes 400gm

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Dry Fruit Hub Natural Jaggery Cubes, 400g [Pure, Natural, No Preservatives Added], Jaggery Cube, Gud Jaggery “Jaggery” a sweetness symbol of our great Indian tradition. Dry Fruit Hub has reinvented this nutritionally rich traditional food “Jaggery” scientifically and culturally. Manufactured with blend of traditional and scientific process which meets all national and international standards. It is an excellent source of iron, and hence it helps prevent iron deficiency and improves the hemoglobin levels in the blood.

You can add jaggery to tea or coffee, breakfast cereal, sambhar, rasam, and dal. Replace refined white sugar with jaggery while preparing some Indian sweets such as kheer or payasam. Endowed with quality parameters like, Free from Chemical additives. Medicinal value conserved. Hygienically processed.

Dry Fruit Hub Natural Jaggery Cubes features :

  • Jaggery is a type of unrefined sugar made from sugar cane. Much of the world’s production takes place in India.
  • Jaggery may have a better nutrition profile than sugar, but it’s still high in calories and is best consumed in moderation.
  • Jaggery can replace refined white sugar in foods and drinks. It’s also used in palm wine production and as part of natural fabric dyes.
  • “Jaggery” a sweetness symbol of our great Indian tradition.
  • Brand : Dry Fruit Hub.
  • Manufacturer : Dry Fruit Hub.
  • Country of Origin : Inda.
  • Source.

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