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A glass of Real cranberry juice for bladder infection has been prescribed by doctors and nutritionists for long. Cranberry juice gives the immune system a tremendous boost. Add to that, its unique combination of antioxidants and you can bid goodbye to common illnesses. Being a great natural detoxifier, cranberry juice benefits are more than you expect. No wonder, cranberries are called super berries!.

Originally discovered and widely cultivated in North America, cranberries thrive in bogs and look very cute with the round berries being larger than their leaves. The berries are white at first, and turn a luscious, glossy deep red as they ripen. Real Cranberry juice is sweet, with a sour edge and a mildly bitter after taste. This provides just the right balance of flavours to make a sauce, or add a little ‘zing’ to a cocktail or jam. It is also simply delicious as a wholesome drink, leaving you feeling fresh and energetic for hours after! You can also check out the various mocktail recipes you can make with Real Fruit Power.

Relish cranberries in any form. A hit with children of all ages, cranberry juice is also a common ingredient in fruit punches and cocktails. Few things are as refreshing as a glassful of power packed Réal Fruit Power Cranberry first thing in the morning. And the best part is, instead of running after your kids to get them to drink up, you’ll have a tough time keeping them away from it. Because rarely does something so healthy, taste so good! Try Cranberry Flavour by Real Fruit Power today!.

Real Cranberry Juice features :

  • Can be used to make delicious blended juice drinks.
  • Cranberry is rich in minerals, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.
  • No added colours or preservatives.
  • Brand : Real Juice.
  • Manufacturer : Dabur.
  • Country of Origin : India.
  • Source.

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