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A glass full of Real Litchi Juice will keep you away from many health disorders and terrible illness. You can also check out the various mocktail recipes you can make with Real Fruit Power. In our daily, busy lives, getting good nutritious food has become a rarity. But thanks to rewarding fruits like litchi that offer us more than we ask for. This sweet red fruit brings goodness to the table by fulfilling our needs of vitamins and proteins. Right from kids to elderly, litchi acts to be the most beneficial fruit for all the age groups. The benefits of litchi fruit are truly incomparable.

Peel off the rough skin and eat the juicy pulp. Well that is just one of the many ways of gulping down this sweet awesomeness. People in various countries have mastered the skill of turning this fruit into delicious creations. Slice, cut, freeze or pulp it, litchi offers the same great flavour no matter which form you choose. This Chinese native is turned into jams, candies, salads, snacks, etc. around the world. Even the litchi juice mocktails taste great when made with love and some creativity. And well, the best part of litchi is that it’s so not fussy for kids. Just peel, eat and spit the seed off. Indeed, litchi makes lives of moms really easy.

The history says that in the first century, litchis were the most desirable fruits ever. So much so, that there were a special group of horses assigned that acted as the ‘fastest courier service’ to bring the sweetest litchis. Also, in the fifth century, a Chinese emperor would send runners over 800 miles to obtain the fruit from the southern regions of China for the woman he loved – the one who liked litchi a lot. Litchi was indeed treated as an exquisite fruit in the Chinese dynasty. Fortunately, today we need not take so many efforts. Thanks to Real litchi juice, that’s easily available everywhere.

Real Litchi Juice features :

  • Made from the world renowned litchis of Muzaffarpur.
  • Real Litchi Juice contain generous amounts of fiber and B-complex vitamins that improve metabolism.
  • Litchis are also a great source of Vitamin C, carbohydrates, nutrition, and energy.
  • Litchis assist in preventing health problems caused by obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • Real Litchi can be savoured as the base for a delicious smoothie, a summer cooler, with ice cream or as it is.
  • Brand : Real Juice.
  • Manufacturer : Dabur.
  • Country of Origin : India.
  • Source.

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