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Dal are known to be one of the best natural sources of protein, Tata Sampann Moong Chilka Dal is unpolished, i.e. it isn’t artifically polished with water, oil or leather, thus retaining its goodness and protein content.

Packed with protein and low on carbs, green gram or moong dal is one of the best vegetarian superfoods. An integral part of the Indian diet, it is a good and filling option for those who want to shed kilos. Studies have shown that it helps protect you from skin cancer and skin pollution. A must eat for all the city dwellers of India.

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Tata Sampann Moong Chilka Dal Benefits:


  • Moong Dal is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and also in many minerals including iron, calcium, and potassium.
  • It is considered a healthy weight loss food as it has low fat food enriched with proteins and fibre. It also helps in curbing cravings and make us feel full for a long time. It detoxifies the body and benefits the metabolism as well as immune system.
  • It helps to lower the high cholesterol level in the blood system.
  • It is full of complex carbohydrates in form of high fibre, which aids digestion. Complex carbs hepls in stabilizing blood sugar and controls its sudden rise after meal.
  • Green Moong contains Vitamin B-1, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine). Regular consumption of diets rich in Vitamin-B6 help you develop resistance against contagious agents that cause diseases.

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