The Hill Store Membership – Loyalty Program

The Hill Store Reward System

The Hill Store provides our loyal customer points for every referral and purchase along with initial signup point. You are rewarded points as follows:

Signup -100 Points.

Referring a friend for signup – 100 Points.

Buying a Product – 10 Points.

Point Conversion : For every 20 Point = You get Rs 1 back.

For Every Rs 10 Spent = You get 1 Point.

For example if you signup and buy say 10 products/item for an amount of Rs 500 , you get 100 points for signup along with 100 points for products and additional 50 points for bill total. So , in one purchase you get a total of 250 points which can get you an additional discount of Rs 12.50 in you next checkout.

And if you have referred any friends and they signup you’ll get additonal 100 points per user.

Note : This program and its benefits are only applicable in Dehradun.

How to Refer friends and see your total accumalated points?

  1. .You can click on the Menu and go to My account
Menu 1

2. Now Signup or Login in My Account.

Signup or login

3. After Signup or Login Click on my Points.

Rewards 1
Desktop View
Click on Points
Mobile View4

4. Referral Link: To refer your friends for signup and getting additional points.

Points 1

I hope that resolves the issue of how to use the The Hill Store loaylty program. For any queries please mail to : [email protected] or contact on : 7830656241.